Stan Lee’s Superhumans – Season One (A&E Home Video)

Coming across as a modern day version of That’s Incredible! or Ripley’s Believe It or Not, at least once in every episode of Stan Lee’s Superhumans there’s an “is that real?” moment. Co-hosted by Stan Lee – creator of comic heroes like The Hulk, X-Men and Spiderman – the show centers on real people with real, if odd, physical abilities, like being able to withstand extreme heat or conduct electricity through their body. With Lee back in a studio recording the intros and voice-overs, co-host (and super human himself for his unbelievable flexibility) Daniel Browning Smith travels the globe with a film crew to interview these super humans, freaks and X-Men in waiting.

Stan Lee’s Superhumans – Season One/2 DVDs/2011/A&E Home Video/376 Mins.

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