The Morning Birds Release Title Track from The Quickening

The Morning Birds’ latest release from their second LP, The QUICKENING, was born from the darkening skies over their home in the mountains. “Sam and I were sitting outside and he was strumming on the guitar,” says singer Jennifer Thorington. “I was gazing off into the sky – there were thunder heads way off in the distance. I just began to sing ‘day breaks and the shadows run away, day breaks in a moment of silence and the thunderclouds are rollin….’ and Sam immediately started singing a counter melody and that’s how ‘The Quickening’ was born.” The sparse instrumentation of the song, including thunderclaps as percussion, serves to highlight the chant-like, twining vocals by both Thorington and Samuel Markus and bring the message of enlightenment home.

When you get out of your own way and let ideas flow, there is no limit to the things you will create. LA’s The Morning Birds, masters of synthesizing influences and inspiration, is following this philosophy and reaping the rewards. The duo’s second LP, The Quickening, which came out April 26, aims to pass that inspiration on to listeners worldwide with passionate, soulful and uplifting songs.

The Quickening is a study in the power of contrast. While forming an uncanny mixture of sounds that embrace unlikely sources, the band’s sound is both familiar and mysterious, groovy yet mellow, profound but fun. It is often times ground breaking. Their powerful bass lines, lush harmonies and soulful strings are complimented by break beats, trumpets, and cascading piano while Thorington and Markus’ vocals unfold into a gentle blend as if Imogen Heap met Andre 3000.

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