Trumer Pilsner (Beer)

We receive a number of different beers for review at NeuFutur. However, a great many of these brews seem to be paint by numbers. Independent breweries have a sort of hivemind when it comes to the styles and tastes that are popular, and rarely deviate from that perception. Saying that, it truly is exciting when we receive a beer that breaks the mold. This beer is Trumer Pilsner, and it seems to really carve out a proper niche for itself. The pilsner style has been co-opted by major breweries and has (for many) turned into a bland yellow liquid that only lightly touches on beer.

Trumer’s take on the Pilsner is considerably different than that. The first sip has a slight bite to it, gradually opening up to something that will work perfectly as a palette cleanser or as a dinner beer. Where some efforts can be tied to either fish, chicken, or beef, I find that the Trumer Pilsner works admirably well no matter what one is eating. As a drinking beer, the Trumer Pilsner works equally well.

The bite present at the beginning of the beer opens up soon after into an eminently drinkable and full-bodied taste. With a number of different awards under its belt, Trumer Pilsner should be getting wider distribution as the year rolls on. With how fast the supplied six-pack left our refrigerator, I would have to give my strongest recommendations for the beer. This is what Budweiser and Miller should be doing with their pilsners, and the fact that they do not should bring beer lovers to make sixers of the Trumer Pilsner fly off of the shelf in a similarly quick fashion. Check it out.

Rating: 9.5/10

Trumer Pilsner (Beer) /

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Author: James McQuiston

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