KMFDM/Army of The Universe tour dates (w/16Volt Aug. 3 to 14):

Aug. 3 Seattle, WA El Corazon
Aug. 4 Portland, OR Wonder Ballroom
Aug. 5 San Francisco, CA Regency Ballroom
Aug. 6 Anaheim, CA The Grove
Aug. 7 San Diego, CA Belly Up
Aug. 8 Los Angeles, CA The Mayan
Aug. 10 Denver CO The Summit Music Hall
Aug. 11 Omaha, NE Slowdown
Aug. 12 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
Aug. 13 Milwaukee, WI The Eagles Club
Aug. 14 Chicago, IL The Bottom Lounge
Aug. 15 Detroit, MI The Crofoot
Aug. 16 Toronto, ON The Phoenix
Aug. 17 Boston, MA The Royale
Aug. 18 New York, NY Irving Plaza
Aug. 19 Philadelphia, PA Theatre of Living Arts
Aug. 20 Baltimore, MD Recher Theatre
Aug. 21 Cincinnati, OH Radiodown
Aug. 24 Salt Lake City, UT Complex
Aug. 25 Boise, ID Knitting Factory
Aug. 26 Vancouver, BC Rickshaw Theater
Aug. 27 Victoria, BC Sugar Night Club

Columbia Records announces release of “A Little Help

For further information on the soundtrack and film (in theaters July 22nd) please visit:

A LITTLE HELP – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

1. Down In A Hole (You’ve Got To Stop Digging) – Jakob Dylan

2. You’re No Match – Jakob Dylan

3. No Season At All – Jakob Dylan

4. Runaround Sue (New Version) – Dion

5. If You Want To Rock And Roll – Dion and Zach Page

6. I’m Lucky – Céleigh Chapman

7. Help You – Louden Swain

8. Kyle’s Guitar Solo – Zach Page

9. Receiving (Score) – Austin Wintory

10. Twenty Years Too Late (Score) – Austin Wintory

Blackmore’s Night – Autumn Sky (CD)

Ritchie Blackmore is an absolute legend when it comes to metal. Deep Purple has influenced thousands, if not tens of thousands of bands since their inception, and Blackmore has continued to evolve since eir years in the band. Blackmore’s Night is the union between Ritchie and Candice Night, and begins with a cover of the One More Time hit, “Highland”. The track is retooled considerably, and represents one of three distinct covers to grace “Autumn Sky”. A Kinks cover (“Celluloid Heroes”) and a Nordman track (“Journeyman (Vandraren)”) work perfectly with the duo’s own tracks. Blackmore’s Night start off “Autumn Sky” with a set of four tracks that top the twenty-minute mark. While lesser acts would not be able to keep listeners’ attention with these cuts, there are so many additional features and musical twists and turns that listeners cannot help but be mesmerized by the band’s output. Blackmore’s Night is the perfect blend of past, perfect, and future.

The disc takes a different turn in its latter quarter; a number of traditional songs are modernized and otherwise modified to close out the effort. These tracks include “Darkness”, “Dance of the Darkness”, and end with “Barbara Allen”. They provide a perfect way to close up shop, along with possibly hinting towards the type of music that will be present on later albums.

Blackmore’s Night contributes volumes to orchestrated metal, and does so in a way that is continually interesting and effective throughout the entirety of the disc. If you like Blackmore’s Deep Purple work or melodic metal in the slightest, there should be no reason that you do not pick up “Autumn Sky” or Blackmore’s Night’s other albums.

Top Tracks: Vagabond (Make A Princess Of Me), Keeper Of The Flame

Rating: 7.6/10

Blackmore’s Night – Autumn Sky (CD) / 2011 Universal / 15 Tracks /

RJ & The Imperatives – Hurricane Season (CD)

When I first put this disc into the player, I had no clue what RJ & The Imperatives would sound like. However, by the time that “Find Yourself Falling” finish, one can hear hints of mid-seventies Bowie, Dire Straits, and even a little bit of Chicago. There is a classic sound to the track, but I can see the band playing in a fair or festival somewhere with an increasing amount of listeners accumulating. Hell, one can even hear Don Henley and Huey Lewis and the News on the track. The fact that the track is over four minutes should not keep individuals from appreciating the solid, pop-rock of RJ & The Imperatives. During a song like “I Should Forget About You”, there are hints of Warren Zevon and Elvis Costello in the act’s overall sound.

The tracks may not be poised to capture the rock radio charts, but for great music that is coming out of virtually left field, “Hurricane Season” may just be the able to pick up. Since all of these tracks are new (originals), one would be able to enjoy RJ & The Imperatives more than a number of acts out on their reunion tours. One can still be excited by the band, instead of just singing along to a rote repetition of the songs that made a band big that many years ago. The fact that RJ & The Imperatives can throw in different styles and sounds with each subsequent track on “Hurricane Season” (Zappa on the title track, Santana-like guitars on “Martha”) will pack individuals into seats when they go out and play live. The disc may be a full one, topping the forty minute mark, but by the time that “Time is Time” ends, individuals will want another shot of the band.

The disc only took two months to create, although the finished product would in no way reflect the talent that each following track impresses on listeners. RJ & The Imperatives create classic party rock that will stick with listeners long after the disc or live show ends. Do yourself a favor and pick up this album; there is no chance you will be disappointed with the compositions that follow. Even fans of more current rock will be able to find something that they like on “Hurricane Season”. Find the disc and buy yourself a copy, and look for the band to cut another album here in the near future!

Top Tracks: Martha, She’s Back

Rating: 7.0/10

RJ & The Imperatives – Hurricane Season / 2006 Self / 10 Tracks / / Reviewed 16 September 2006



Wild Beasts will be hitting the states in just two weeks to play select shows in support of their elegant and seductive new album, Smother, out now on Domino. Those not lucky enough to see them play these East Coast dates can catch them in September or October as they will be back for an extensive North American tour. As prestige consistently builds for this Kendal four-piece — UK top 20 album debut, headlining set at Glastonbury, return performance on “Later…with Jools Holland,” 4 and 5 star reviews across the board — Wild Beasts continue to maintain the delicate and evocative form of beauty for which they have become known, all the while remaining one of the most singular bands around.

Tue. July 12 – Philadelphia, PA @ World Café Live w/ Marques Toliver

Wed. July 13 – New York, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge w/ Marques Toliver

Thu. July 14 – New York, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge w/ Marques Toliver

Sat. July 16 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club

Fri. Sep. 16 – Austin, TX @ Austin City Limits

Tue. Sep. 20 – Atlanta, GA @ Variety Playhouse

Wed. Sep. 21 – Chapel Hill, NC @ Cat’s Cradle

Thu. Sep. 22 – Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar

Tue. Sep. 27 – Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club

Wed. Sep. 28 – Montreal, QC @ Cabaret Mile-End

Thu. Sep. 29 – Toronto, ON @ Mod Club

Fri. Sep. 30 – Detroit, MI @ Magic Bag

Sat. Oct. 1 – Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall

Mon. Oct. 3 – Milwaukee, WI @ Turner Hall

Tue. Oct. 4 – Minneapolis, MN @ Varsity Theater

Fri. Oct. 7 – Seattle, WA @ Neptune

Sat. Oct. 8 – Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore Cabaret

Sun. Oct. 9 – Portland, OR @ Doug Fir

Tue. Oct. 11 – Santa Cruz, CA @ Rio Theatre

Thu. Oct. 13 – Los Angeles, CA @ Echoplex

Sat. Oct. 15 – Mexico City, MX @ Corona Capital Festival

Wild Beasts Online:

Cars 2 (Playstation 3)

We’ve said it already – Cars 2 is destined to be one of the biggest childrens’ movies ever. It makes sense that there are a few products being released now that try to cash in on the film’s goodwill. The Cars 2 video game – available for all current formats – is one of these things. However, the gameplay present in this game is solid enough that the game would sell even if it was not badged with the Cars 2 logo or characters. There are nods to a tremendous amount of car games in Cars 2; there are sides to the game play here that approximate Twisted Metal, Mario Cart, and even Gran Turismo.

While the car design is true to the movies, I feel that the backgrounds rendered here deserve acclaim. The different locations in which one can play stick in line with the Cars 2 storyline, and provide the same sort of bright and pseudo-realistic feel that the movies have provided. Whether going against the computer or other players, Cars 2 has a tremendous amount of replay value that will ensure it a place in (or barring that, near) one’s Playstation 3.

Cars 2 is a film that is directed towards the younger set. The smart writing of the original meant that there were just as many nods to the adults as there were to the kids, and I believe the Cars 2 video game continues in that fashion. The controls are intuitive enough that even the youngest players will be able to have fun, while the different sides of the title will keep older players interested. If there are a variety of ages to the game players in your household, I would have to point towards Cars 2 as a game that will appease all.

Rating: 8.4/10

Cars 2 (Playstation 3) / 2011 Disney /

Carmen Rizzo – The Lost Art of the Idle Moment (CD)

The amount of guest stars that Carmen Rizzo has on this album is impressive; on this album Esthero, Jem, and Grant Lee Phillips all find their way onto the disc. The dreamy vocals of Esthero during “Too Rude” allows the arrangements of Rizzo to really reach their potential, as there is a Bjork/sixties dynamic at play throughout the entire track. The infusion of more atmosphere and some scratching a la Kid Koala makes “Overlooked Happiness” reflect a new found appreciation for techno, even if Rizzo’s arrangements on this song still feel suited for the soundtrack to a Bond movie. The compositions present on “The Lost Art of the Idle Moment” are not quick by any stretch of the imagination; with each track averaging out at over four minutes, Rizzo shows eir chops by not falling back into a rut in the later sections of some of the songs here. There may not be a track on this album that would be an easy fit for commercial radio, but Rizzo does a hell of a job creating music that is both amenable to music freaks and pop-infused enough to be widely accessible to the normal fan. On tracks like “I’ll Carry You” there is not an overbearing amount of instrumentation to clog up the disc; whatever is present is tied together with all other constituent parts for maximum effect. The old axiom “simpler is better” rings true on the tracks on “The Lost Art”. The tension created by the arrangement during tracks like “I’ll Carry You” is fantastic; what was nothing a few seconds before is attacking every bit of white space to engulf listeners in a blanket of sound. At over fifty minutes, “The Lost Art” is not a disc that someone can necessarily listen all the way through with ease; the ability of Rizzo to come up with pages of material in times measured in words makes the album dense as all get out. In a period when the single is king, the album oriented nature of Carmen Rizzo’s music stands as a sterling example of what should be done in the industry. With tracks having influences as diverse as 60s lounge music and “Behavior”-era Pet Shop Boys, there is a tremendous range of ways both listeners and artists can go during the disc’s runtime. Well worth the time, “The Lost Art of the Idle Moment” should find its way into CD players of anyone truly into music. Top Tracks: Bring It Back To Me, Farther

Rating: 6.0/10


Carmen Rizzo – The Lost Art of the Idle Moment / 2005 The Lab / 11 Tracks / / / Reviewed 22 December 2005

Drive (Testosterone, Pump)

The sheer amount of different supplements on the fitness market is enough to have a potential buyer’s head spin. While understanding what a vitamin does is not too terribly hard, when individuals start hearing different abbreviations (HGH, ATP), it becomes incredibly confusing. This confusion only increases when it comes to the fact that each company creates a range of supplements that do different things based on what individuals want them to do.

Drive is a clearly-defined supplement, and is one that should be in the medicine cabinet of anyone that is actively working out. There are a few distinct sides to Drive that will interest potential buyers. While the main function of the supplement is to increase testosterone as well as to provide substantial muscle growth and decrease the amount of time that one needs to recover, Drive also is a libido booster. Drive is the type of supplement that will give individuals the energy that they need to power through one last rep or to shave a few seconds off their running time. The ability of Drive to decrease recovery time means that those that take the supplement will be able to get back on the track, add a few more minutes to their sets or bring them back to the workout center sooner than those that do not.

Applied Nutriceuticals has created a supplement in Drive that provides a number of serious benefits; the blend of Naringenin, Cordyceps, Epimeduim and Forslean does wonders; pick up a bottle of 240 capsules for about $65. When taken alongside proper protein and vitamin supplements, one should notice significant muscle gain that will not disappear just as long as one sticks with their workout regimen.

Rating: 7.6/10

Drive / Applied Nutriceuticals /

The Pimps of Joytime are bringing the funk back to Brooklyn on 7/9

Details for General Admission

Location: Brooklyn Bowl (61 Wythe Avenue Brooklyn, NY)
Doors: 6:00pm
Show: 8:00pm
Price: $8
Age: 21+

Over the course of the past four years, the Pimps of Joytime have evolved into a road tested and audience approved groove machine. They have excited crowds at over 100 club dates and festivals in 2010 and this year’s ongoing “All The Way Live” tour far exceeds the volume of previous years. Amazingly, their stage performance improves each night as the electricity between the band members rises to new heights. This fluidity is not something you can manufacture, it is an authentic and exciting collaboration that is the Pimps of Joytime. With the “All The Way Live” tour, The Pimps are offering their fans and music lovers alike a chance to experience the electrifying rhythms that lace the upcoming album, Janxta Funk! (June 21 – Wonderwheel Recordings).

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, the Pimps of Joytime are paving their own unique path in the world. What do you do when there isn’t a phrase to describe your sound? You coin a new one of course! Janxta Funk, as Brian J describes it ” is a style that is part gangsta, part janky.” Janxta Funk ranges from Latin inspired rhythms to deep funky grooves and hot dance beats. Those who have experienced a Pimps show agree that you have to see the band live to truly understand their unique combination of musical elements, including afrobeat, rock, hip-hop and electronica. The exponential growth of the band’s fan base is attributed to their artful blend of musical styles framed by bandleader Brian J’s classic songwriting along with the band’s undeniable swagger on stage. Their live synergy consistently inspires dance parties wherever the band appears!

Brian J is a charismatic and soulful visionary, whose well-crafted songs invite the listener to enter a world of infectious dance grooves and indelible melodies. He spent his formative years in New York City, New Orleans and Los Angeles, honing his craft to become an accomplished live performer, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He is joined by the lady of rhythm and soul, Mayteana Morales. Fans lose themselves in her beats and are captivated by her distinct voice. Completing the front line is Chauncey Yearwood who adds funky flavor to every song with tasty conga grooves and his classically soulful voice. Filling out the rhythm section is super talent David Bailis on bass and synth and rotating cast of top notch drummers.

In 2005 Brian assembled this group of righteously soulful vocalists and musicians to bring to life the musical concept that would become The Pimps of Joytime. The band’s diverse sound and spirited attitude is strongly influenced by the Brooklyn DJ culture and live music scene from which they emerge. The new album Janxta Funk! features collaborations with legendary artists Cyril and Art Neville of the Neville Brothers and Roy Ayers have helped vitalize the band’s connection to its roots.

The Pimps of Joytime are poised to bring their audacious sound to savvy audiences around the planet. Their forthcoming album, Janxta Funk! (June 21 – Wonderwheel Recordings) is a new chapter in the book of the Funk and a testament that real funky music is alive and kicking!

——— TOUR DATES ———

Jun 30 – High Sierra Music Festival – Quincy, CA

Jul 01 – High Sierra Music Festival – Quincy, CA

Jul 03 – Electric Forest Fest – Rothbury, MI

Jul 07 – Camp Bisco – Pattersonville, NY

Jul 08 – Midsummer Meltdown Festival – Schuylkill Haven, PA

Jul 09 – Brooklyn Bowl – Brooklyn, NY *Album Release Party*

Jul 29 – Floyd Fest – Floyd, VA

Jul 30 – Floyd Fest – Floyd, VA

Aug 08 – Indian Lookout Country Club – Pattersonville, NY

Aug 13 – Royal Family Affair – Bondville, VT

Aug 18 – Camp Barefoot – Bartow, WV

Shot in the Dark (DVD)

This is not Entourage. Rather, Adrian Grenier is attempting to provide some star power to this documentary, which focuses on eir desire to meet with a father that ey does not know. Shot in the Dark represents Grenier’s chance of possibly reconnecting with eir father and establishing some sort of rappour with someone that ey just did not know. The amount of work that Grenier does at the beginning part of the film to reconnect with eir father is impressive; along with a number of face to face interactions, there are also countless calls and further planning after eir father, John, agrees to meet.

Lancaster, Ohio is where John lives, and it represents a considerable change from New York City. This rough and frankly depressing town (and I can speak from experience, living there for 18 years) represents the perfect response to the much more bright experience of Grenier. Interacting with John’s parents as well as a number of different parents and children, Grenier begins to realize the enormous task that ey has entered into. Merely leaving Grenier was not an easy choice for John, and the truth of the situation is considerably different for Grenier than ey previously thought.

There are a few extras present on this release. The commentaries that are laid down by Grenier, Jim Mol, and Jonathan Davidson are particularly illuminating, filling in viewers in a way that Shot in the Dark’s main feature does not always do. The extra interview footage allows for further context to be given, and fills out Shot in the Dark nicely. I was not a fan of Entourage, but Grenier’s extremely emotional effort here gives me a desire to check out the show again. Buy Shot in the Dark if you like your documentaries emotion-inducing.

Rating: 7.1/10

Shot in the Dark (DVD) / 2011 HBO / 85 Minutes /