Attack of the Killer Facts! (Book)

Attack of the Killer Facts! has 320 pages of sheer insanity to it. Specifically, the author Grzymkowski has delved deep to inform eir readers about the existence of goat-sucking vampires, crazy types of food, aliens, and even how individuals have perished due to home goods. Rather than furthering urban legends, Grzymkowski has tirelessly cited information for each one of the facts.
While there is only a quick rundown of the fact in question, the presence of these citations will ensure that interested readers can get a little bit of additional information about it.

Attack of the Killer Facts! will be familiar reading to those that are fans of I Love The 80s or shows of a similar ilk. This is because there are typically snarky comments present in reference to each fact. The 320 page length of the book will ensure that it can float around the bathroom or coffee table for months before an individual can say that they have finished it. The glory of Attack of the Killer Facts! has to be its re-readability. Where readers can typically only get through a title once (or two-three times if it is a favorite book), Attack of the Killer Facts! is just off the wall enough to keep a buyer reading no matter how many times they have been through it.

This is the perfect restroom reading; just make sure that you wash your hands before telling your friends and loved ones what you learned. I would like to see subsequent volumes in this series released on a yearly fashion – there are too many killer facts that are out there for one book, and there are new facts being released daily.

Rating: 8.0/10

Attack of the Killer Facts! (Book) / Eric Grzymkowski / 2011 Adams Media / 320 Pages /

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