Boondock Saints: Truth and Justice Edition (Blu-Ray)

When it comes to the top movies of the late nineties, I believe that Boondock Saints would be high up on anyone’s list. However, Boondock Saints has not received an exhaustive Blu-Ray treatment to this point. Fox has noticed that and has released a new Blu-Ray for Boondock Saints – the Truth and Justice Edition this month.

The transfers that are present in the Truth and Justice Edition push the Blu-Ray format to its limits. While this film is over a decade old, the sharpness of background objects and peripheral scenery is impressive. The clarity of the audio side of things is similarly strong, with different ambient noises and background vocals picked up as clear as day. The soundtrack, which constitutes one of the biggest parts of the film, feels richer and fuller than ever before – the music simply rocks in every possible fashion The Truth and Justice edition contains two distinct commentaries, nearly twenty minutes of deleted scenes, outtakes, and the original theatrical trailer for the film. However, I believe the best featurette would have to be “The Film and the Phenomenon”, a half-hour piece that looks back into the creative process for the film taking advantage of the cast and crew.

If you need to replace your VHS or DVD of the Boondock Saints, there is no reason why you should not search out a copy of the Truth and Justice Edition. The Blu-Ray version of the film easily rivals the original theatrical print of the release, and then contains a tremendous amount of extra features in which one can sink their teeth. Here’s to hoping that Fox continues to exhaust their materials on comprehensive releases like this one.

Rating: 8.5/10

Boondock Saints: Truth and Justice Edition (Blu-Ray) / 2011 Fox / 110 Minutes /

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