Brian Olive – Two of Everything (CD)

When a band member goes solo, there is typically some semblance of their original act present in the solo album. Brian Olive just spent a few years in The Greenhornes and Soledad Brothers, and the music that issues forth on “Two of Everything” is considerably different from either of those acts. In fact, there is a marked departure from any of Olive’s previous bands in the opening strains of “Left Side Rock”. From there, Olive adds a number of other musicians to further flesh out eir sound – Dan Allaire (from Darker My Love) and Mike Weinel are two of the notable inclusions.

Where “Two of Everything” will always be filed under Brian Olive, it feels as if eir backing band has considerably more say than may be listed. During tracks like “Two of Everything” and “Back Sliding Soul”, Olive’s vocals just represent on element of many that is struggling for dominance. No matter how at odds some of these pieces and instruments seem, the overall sound is one that is cohesive and coherent.

By adding a reprise to “Two of Everything”, Olive gives this disc that much more unity. There is a common goal present with each of the tracks on this title, and a microcosm of these tracks are presented to listeners with “Bonelle”. This six-minute closer shuts the door on the album while giving fans all the more reason to see Olive live and eagerly anticipate any other albums that may come their way in the next few years. Check this album out today.

Top Tracks: Left Side Rock, Lost In Dreams

Rating: 8.0/10

Brian Olive – Two of Everything (CD) / 2011 Alive Records / 10 Tracks /

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