Ceremony (Blu-Ray)

I was unfamiliar with the works of Max Winkler, the progeny of Henry Winkler, before I picked up a copy of this Blu-Ray. However, there seems to be the same dedication for filmmaking and for telling an interesting story as eir father. This is because Ceremony is a rare example of a film that defies convention at all sides – the film originally was released on Demand TV rather than having a traditional type of release.

In regards to the actual film, Ceremony contains a perfect blend of established actors (Uma Thurman as Zoe and Michael Angarano as Sam Davis) and those that are still up and coming (Harper Dill, Brooke Bloom, and Jake Johnson). Ceremony surrounds the attempt of Max to ultimately break up Zoe and Whit (Lee Pace), all while in the guise of providing one last night of bachelorhood for Whit. While Sam’s plan does not ultimately come to fruition, ey gains a tremendous amount of insight in regards to the connection between sex, love, and friendship. Furthermore, Max has to realize that eir actions would create for eirself a tremendously shoddy foundation for which to build a relationship with Zoe.

Magnolia’s transfer of Ceremony is tremendously sharp, with both Blu-Ray and DVD formats of the film free of any drawbacks. The picture is clear, the colors are sharp and interesting while not seeming too fantasy-based. The audio track enjoys much of the same positives – dialogue is crisp while allowing atmospheric noises to otherwise color the filmgoer’s experience. Max Winkler’s Ceremony is a title that blends perfectly drama, comedy, and the exploration of the human psyche, speaking through the film to anyone lucky enough to watch.

Rating: 8.3/10

Ceremony (Blu-Ray) / 2011 Magnolia Home Entertainment / 90 Minutes / http://www.magpictures.com

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