City Center – Redeemer (CD)

City Center has just released their first full-length album on K Records in “Redeemer”, and there seems to be a certain spring in the band’s step that is noticeable on the disc’s introductory track, “Puppers”. The band works towards the creation of an album rather than the furtherance of a few key singles. This means that there are considerable nods towards other efforts on the same album during cuts like “Cookies” and “After Hours”.

“After Hours” represents an interesting track in that it operates in the past, present and future. Where the track speaks to the rest of the efforts on “Redeemer”, it speaks to the past in regards to the looking-back tone that it has. A not-so-subtle nod to their previous album, “After Hours” nevertheless speaks to what the band can become with later efforts. “Redeemer” is the perfect example of a CD that gets stronger as it spins on.

Where a number of bands choose to put their weaker efforts towards the end of their discs, City Center have a delightful increase in quality with each subsequent song here. “Soft Marauder”, the disc’s penultimate track, represents two lengthy tracks that provide further context for fans of the band. Despite the fact that “Redeemer” is only the band’s second full-length album, I sense a maturity in each song on this album. City Center will be around for a number of years, but this album succeeds in painting the band as one that has a number of miles before they sleep. Buy a copy of Redeemer and their self-titled debut and see exactly how much the band has progressed in the terms of the last few years – this just represents the tip of the iceberg.

Top Tracks: Puppers, Modern Love

Rating: 7.0/10

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