Drive (Testosterone, Pump)

The sheer amount of different supplements on the fitness market is enough to have a potential buyer’s head spin. While understanding what a vitamin does is not too terribly hard, when individuals start hearing different abbreviations (HGH, ATP), it becomes incredibly confusing. This confusion only increases when it comes to the fact that each company creates a range of supplements that do different things based on what individuals want them to do.

Drive is a clearly-defined supplement, and is one that should be in the medicine cabinet of anyone that is actively working out. There are a few distinct sides to Drive that will interest potential buyers. While the main function of the supplement is to increase testosterone as well as to provide substantial muscle growth and decrease the amount of time that one needs to recover, Drive also is a libido booster. Drive is the type of supplement that will give individuals the energy that they need to power through one last rep or to shave a few seconds off their running time. The ability of Drive to decrease recovery time means that those that take the supplement will be able to get back on the track, add a few more minutes to their sets or bring them back to the workout center sooner than those that do not.

Applied Nutriceuticals has created a supplement in Drive that provides a number of serious benefits; the blend of Naringenin, Cordyceps, Epimeduim and Forslean does wonders; pick up a bottle of 240 capsules for about $65. When taken alongside proper protein and vitamin supplements, one should notice significant muscle gain that will not disappear just as long as one sticks with their workout regimen.

Rating: 7.6/10

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