ElectroAmino (Amino Acids)

I really like ElectroAmino, a new product from High Energy Labs. While amino acids come in a number of forms (we’ve reviewed powders and pills in the past), High Energy Labs has placed them into a chewable tablet format. Each bottle of ElectroAmino contains 120 tablets (30 servings) and can be purchased for a hair under $30.
However, the value that is present in each bottle of ElectroAmino makes this cost a pittance – the electrolyte and BCAA blend will ensure that one has tremendous stores of energy and the ability to recoup quickly no matter how hard or often that they may work out. Even more important, ElectroAmino keeps an individual hydrated better than normal amino acid-containing products and even allows for the creation of red blood cells.

For those individuals that are still looking to get down to their goal weight, ElectroAmino’s blend of amino acids and electrolytes also facilitates weight loss. Coupled with a smart diet and an on-point workout regiment, ElectroAmino allows for the strong possibility of sustained weight loss. ElectroAmino may have the dietary supplement tag present on its bottle, but I feel that this unnecessarily pigeonholes the product. Rather, anyone with any workout goal should look into what ElectroAmino is capable of.

The product links together amino acids with a number of other vitamins and minerals to make a more complete and comprehensive product than many on the market. ElectroAmino should be purchased by anyone that is looking to keep themselves pumping, running, or otherwise energetic throughout a difficult or strenuous workout. Coupled with other High Energy products like their HGH Complete Capsules or TestoRX, what will undoubtedly result is a serious gain for whichever type of workout that you may be entering into.

Rating: 8.1/10

ElectroAmino (Amino Acids) / High Energy Labs / https://www.highenergylabs.com/

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