Fast Five Soundtrack (CD)

The type of music that has been present on the Fast and Furious franchise’s soundtracks has been the perfect blend of genres, tempos, and sounds. The blazing speed of each of the films is presented quite well with their soundtracks, and the Fast Five Soundtrack does not disappoint.

The disc’s first track, “How We Roll” by Busta Rhymes, will immediately kick listeners in the ass and keep them focused in on the album. The soundtrack succeeds not only due to the star power that is present, but the flow that is created through the interactions of the different tracks. Claudia’s “Desabafo / Deixa Eu Dizer” spins the album in a completely different direction, in the musical equivalent of a handbrake turn. The disc continues to maintain itself through the middle of the release – Hybrid’s “Han Drifting” and “Million Dollar Race” are the perfect type of lead in for Brian Tyler’s “Mad Skills”.

Latin music, hip-hop, rap, and electronic all link together to make for the same sort of star-studded narrative that makes Fast Five shine so brightly. While remaining quiet for a few years, Ludacris comes hard in the album’s closing track. “Furiously Dangerous” showcases a smart flow while presenting the same braggadocio in which the film has in droves. Buy a copy of this soundtrack and you can get amped up, speed around, and re-enact Fast Five in your local parking lot, school, or town. For those that have soundtracks from the previous films, the blending of sounds, styles, and musical approaches may just be the best yet. Without any dip in quality, the Fast Five Soundtrack blasts from beginning to end.

Top Tracks: Busta Rhymes – How We Roll, Brian Tyler – Mad Skills

Rating: 7.0/10

Fast Five Soundtrack (CD) / 2011 Universal / 13 Tracks /

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