Gerber Answer XL (Knife)

As it is getting to be the height of summer, we at NeuFutur wanted to add to our website and magazine and include outdoor-themed reviews. We could not imagine providing our introductory coverage for this section to a better company than Gerber. We received an Answer XL knife for review from Gerber and feel that it is a very solid product. The knife itself has a spring-loaded release that allows for quick use, while this feature is protected by a safety. This safety is intuitive and allows individuals to know quickly when they can place the knife back in a bag or pocket. The knife is balanced well, and the handle provides the perfect amount of balance to the four-inch blade.

The handle has a grip to it that ensures that the hand will remain on the knife; I was able to successfully use the Answer XL regardless of whether my hands were wet or sweaty. The blade on the Answer XL is the focal point of the knife and allows anyone to cut materials ranging from cloth to flesh to even wood. The added serration toward the base of the knife ensures that individuals will only have to bring one knife to their campsite, shooting range, or any other outdoor locale.

While there are a tremendous amount of positives that the knife contains, I would have to say that there is one draw-back that I can see. Specifically, there seems to be a little bit of jiggle when it comes to twisting the knife. This is barely perceptible and does not seem to be a problem that manifests itself at any more of a level than pure grousing. The Gerber Answer XL is a great value for its price and would be a perfect knife no matter what paces one puts it through.

Rating: 8.6/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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