Ghost Sweeper Mikami Collection 4 (DVD)

I love the fact that, after about twenty years of having an intimate connection with Japan and the different anime showing there, that Section 23 can dig up such a great title. Ghost Sweeper Mikami is a show that originally aired from April of 1993 until March of 1994, with 45 episodes (and 1 hour-long film) that aired soon after. The show itself has an interesting premise – the rapid increase in the Japanese population has lead to substantial amounts of buildings, which in turn takes up much of the land previously inhabited by spirits.

With these buildings erected, the different spirits are essentially made homeless. These spirits are angry or are otherwise mischievous, which requires Ghost Sweepers to forcibly remove these spirits from otherwise active places of business, schools, and homes. There are a number of these ghost sweeping agencies, and to survive, devious and otherwise intense methods are used to ensure that your company remains on top. Running the Mikami GS Agency, Reiko Mikami and eir associates Tadao Yokoshima and Kinu Himuro attempt to become the biggest and best. However, Emi Ogasawara’s Ghost Sweeping company represents harsh competition and will do anything possible to sink Mikami’s company.

If you would like to explore Ghost Sweeper Mikami, there have been four different collections (with this DVD set being the newest one). There are video on demand options for the show, but the price of each of these collections (a MSRP of $45 and an average price of about $30-35) should not be insurmountable for anyone that wishes to watch a great blast from Japan’s anime past. Keep an eye on the slate of properties that Section 23 are bringing out this summer and beyond – there are some that are eye-opening.

Rating: 9.3/10

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