Glenn Tilbrook and the Fluffers – Live in New York City (DVD)

Along with having quite possibly the best named backup band in the recent history of rock, Glenn Tilbrook, the former front man of the influential UK pop rock band Squeeze, is also a fantastic pop music song writer.

Live in New York showcases this better than just about any of his albums. Coming across relaxed and humble in a small New York club, Tilbrook and his band run through nine classic Squeeze songs as well as seven from his solo albums (including the witty, satirical anti-war song “Don’t Stick Around Long”). There is plenty of self-effacing banter and stories between songs. There is also a brief behind the scenes documentary about the filming of the show, that feels like an unnecessary last minute add on.

The concert ends with Tilbrook and the Fluffers playing their encore on top of the club’s bar (stand up bass and all). Simply brilliant! There is likely no better case than this concert DVD that Squeeze should get back together and finally write that follow up album they’ve been hinting at for the past couple of years.

Glenn Tilbrook and the Fluffers – Live in New York City/73 Mins./ Rockster Productions and MVD Visual/2011

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