Goldenboy – Sleepwalker (CD)

It has been a few years since the last time we have covered a Goldenboy record. We were big fans of the band for their “Underneath the Radio”, but the sheer amount of time that has passed between the releases of this title and today means that what issues forth on “Different Moon” is considerably different from anything that we have covered in the past. In fact, the only thing that I can point to as a constant is lead Shon Sullivan’s tremendous attention to detail. “Different Moon” is a rocking type of track, but it does not suffer through any sort of limitation or brain-dead approach to rock music.

Rather, Sullivan has hidden bits and pieces of eirself throughout the entirety of the track that makes the effort sparkle that much more, a hot track with that little extra present. “Rock and Roll All Night” is the perfect trolling title; while the song has the same name as the KISS hit, it is a much more nuanced and even-handed track than its namesake. It also works in tandem with “Sleepwalker”’s next track, “Body and Soul”. This miniature epic is nothing less than genius; short at four minutes, it is absolutely jam packed with anything that Sullivan can throw in (in regards to influences, musical styles, or approaches).

The title ends with “Holiday”, a track that showcases a perfect ending to an utterly fun album. Goldenboy defies easy convention, and it is due to that reason that Sleepwalker succeeds. Make it a point to go out and pick up a copy of “Sleepwalker” at your earliest convenience, and see where abouts Sullivan is set to play live.

Top Tracks: She Belongs To Me, I Like You Because

Rating: 7.0/10

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