K-OTIC Extended Review (Pre-Workout)

We had tremendous luck when we used K-OTIC the first time around, and wanted to make it a point to include it in our workout regimen over the course of three months.

At the conclusion of this workout regimen, we are pleased to report that the early gains that we received on K-OTIC were maintained while additional benefit was gained. As was the case with the initial review of K-OTIC, we did a heavy workout schedule that consisted of two days on, one day off – the first day being pure cardio, while the second day blended cardio with an hour of weights.

Before each workout, we mixed up fruit punch K-OTIC with water or Gatorade. The K-OTIC provided a tremendous amount of energy without increasing jitteriness or injury. Moreso, the K-OTIC was important in terms of muscle recovery. While the additional energy from K-OTIC was appreciated, it was the relative lack of soreness that we experienced even after the hardest workouts that was one of the key benefits. While we had fallen into a little bit of a rut / plateau during the sets of workouts after our original K-OTIC dosing, the three months that we did use K-OTIC in the second test ensured significant muscle gain, vascularity, and continued (and sustained) energy.

While we are cycling off of the K-OTIC at the current moment, we have not noticed any loss of mass or other drawback. Simply put, anyone that is wanting to increase the intensity of their workout, the amount of weights that they can lift or the time/intensity that they can run, or just improve their overall health should seriously look for K-OTIC in their local workout store.

Make it a point to check out the new flavors of K-OTIC – Grape and Orange. Fans of the fruit punch flavor will be able to notice a significant change in its flavor profile as well. Continue to check out NeuFutur for coverage of other AAEFX products in the near future.

Rating: 9.6/10

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