Katika Sandals (Black)

Going through any sort of shoe store, one will undoubtedly find countless variations that are virtually indistinguishable from each other. The amount of creativity in regards to shoe styles, design, and overall look seems to be tremendously small. However, we here at NeuFutur were just tapped to review a pretty distinct pair of sandals. These sandals, a current release by MBT shoes, ensure high fashion bundled alongside considerable functionality. Katika Sandals will ensure that one’s foot stays in the same place in the sandal rather than shifting around, while showing providing enough in the way of airflow to keep cool in the summer months.

Make sure to pick up a pair of the Katika Sandals, and you can be assured that they will be in your rotation for quite a few years. The coloring of the Katika – done up in either Black, Brown, Birch, or any other hue – will also allow purchasers to coordinate their shoes to the rest of their ensemble. The design of the sandal is contoured to allow for further toning and foot health – rather than merely being a flat bottom, this contour allows the foot to go in a natural way.

For those purchasers that are on a diet or wish to change their life, the special design of the Katika sandals increase metabolism while urging the wearer’s body to burn extra fat. Taken together with a solid diet and other exercise (cardio or weight training), I have no doubt in my mind that an individual could shed off and keep off the pounds. While it seems counterintuitive to think that shoes would be the cause for weight loss, the effects that the Katika have on the wearer simply cannot be denied. Pick a pair up at your local fitness or workout store, or at a good shoe store.

Rating: 9.0/10

Katika Sandals (Black) / MBT Shoes / http://www.mbt.com

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