King’s Highway – The Line (CD)

Few bands are able to come up with a coherent and mature sound with their second album. King’s Highway has been able to do just that with their “The Line”. While the style of music that they create here is rich in tradition and draws deeply on Southern rock tradition, there is a very unique sound that is furthered with each of the album’s tracks.

“Giddy Up!” is the perfect energizing track for listeners of King’s Highway, as it will provide the momentum that is needed to keep them interested through the entirety of the album. “On Your Side” is considerably different in tone and tempo than this introductory track, but King’s Highway are talented enough to bring everything together. Each track on “The Line” provides listeners with a different slice of King’s Highway, and the band hits an early peak with “Wanted Man”. Telling a story that has been covered in the rock narrative numerous times, there is a vibrancy and vitality to the track that cannot be denied. I found myself to be most impressed with the second half of “The Line”. The tendency is present for bands to begin to slack off at this point of the disc, but King’s Highway give it all that they have got and forge boldly on through the rest of the album.

Make sure to pick up a copy of “The Line”, blare it throughout this warm summer, and see the act live whenever they hit the road near you. I know that I may not have been cognizant of the band before this, but I am a convert. Their rock music is much needed with this forgettable generation of music currently issuing forth on radio.

Top Tracks: Still Ain’t Got The Time, ‘Till It Breaks

Rating: 8.3/10

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