Louie Season One (Blu-Ray)

Louie is the perfect example of how FX may just be the best cable channel currently in existence. While hindered in terms of storyline by the fact that it does not enjoy the same hands-off status as an HBO or Showtime, FX does a tremendous job in stretching the boundaries and creating new and innovative types of shows for their viewers. Louie, starring Louis CK, is a perfect example of one of these shows. The show itself is a nebulous concept; rather than being yet another situation comedy, Louie is much more decentralized and allows for the best possible outcome when it comes to comedy. Louis CK understands that the sitcom format is an unnecessary shackle for comedians, and allows only the lightest of cogent narrative to modify a pretty straight riffing style for the show. The numerous stars on the show – including Jim Norton, Nick DiPaolo, Godfrey, and even Stephen Root – further vary the focus and keep things popping.

There are a few extra features presented to viewers on this DVD. This means that in addition to the show’s original thirteen-episode run, there are a number of previously unaired sketches along with a slew of deleted scenes. The Blu-Ray set is properly capped off with the inclusion of a hilarious commentary to the episodes, which also provide a greater context for some of the crazy happenings in each episode.

Make sure to pick up a copy of this Blu-Ray at your earliest convenience, to see the spectacle that is Louie. The next season has just begun airing, and should a further step forward for Louis CK and the rest of the cast and crew. Check it out each and every Thursday throughout the summer.

Rating: 8.5/10

Louie Season One (Blu-Ray) / 2011 Fox / http://www.fox.com

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