RJ & The Imperatives – Hurricane Season (CD)

When I first put this disc into the player, I had no clue what RJ & The Imperatives would sound like. However, by the time that “Find Yourself Falling” finish, one can hear hints of mid-seventies Bowie, Dire Straits, and even a little bit of Chicago. There is a classic sound to the track, but I can see the band playing in a fair or festival somewhere with an increasing amount of listeners accumulating. Hell, one can even hear Don Henley and Huey Lewis and the News on the track. The fact that the track is over four minutes should not keep individuals from appreciating the solid, pop-rock of RJ & The Imperatives. During a song like “I Should Forget About You”, there are hints of Warren Zevon and Elvis Costello in the act’s overall sound.

The tracks may not be poised to capture the rock radio charts, but for great music that is coming out of virtually left field, “Hurricane Season” may just be the able to pick up. Since all of these tracks are new (originals), one would be able to enjoy RJ & The Imperatives more than a number of acts out on their reunion tours. One can still be excited by the band, instead of just singing along to a rote repetition of the songs that made a band big that many years ago. The fact that RJ & The Imperatives can throw in different styles and sounds with each subsequent track on “Hurricane Season” (Zappa on the title track, Santana-like guitars on “Martha”) will pack individuals into seats when they go out and play live. The disc may be a full one, topping the forty minute mark, but by the time that “Time is Time” ends, individuals will want another shot of the band.

The disc only took two months to create, although the finished product would in no way reflect the talent that each following track impresses on listeners. RJ & The Imperatives create classic party rock that will stick with listeners long after the disc or live show ends. Do yourself a favor and pick up this album; there is no chance you will be disappointed with the compositions that follow. Even fans of more current rock will be able to find something that they like on “Hurricane Season”. Find the disc and buy yourself a copy, and look for the band to cut another album here in the near future!

Top Tracks: Martha, She’s Back

Rating: 7.0/10

RJ & The Imperatives – Hurricane Season / 2006 Self / 10 Tracks / http://www.rjimperatives.com / Reviewed 16 September 2006


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