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It still boggles my mind that there is such variation in the quality of bottled water. Perhaps it is due to the lack of sturdy standards for the bottled water industry or is just a lack in quality owing to the $4/case cost of the product. However, Smartwater is able to create an impressive product while still making it available to a wide subset of the population. The vapor distillation process for Smartwater ensures that it does not contain many of the trace elements and other additions that would be present in other bottled water sources.

Smartwater’s container is made of more substantive plastic than other bottles on the market, which means that it will stay colder longer than comparative products. The inclusion of electrolytes into Smartwater do much the same thing; the presence of these chemicals will ensure that imbibers slake their thirst for longer than would be the case with a bottle of average water. In the hot days of the summer, Smartwater will do more for an individual than anything else out there – the 0 calorie aspect of this water will keep drinkers svelte and thin as well.

Smartwater will likely be the best water that an individual can consistently find in gas stations, supermarkets, and other stores. It is refreshing and tasteless, containing none of the dryness or otherwise mineral-heavy feels present in other bottled waters. While the single-serve bottles are the most common Smartwater product available, those that wish to have the Smartwater experience at home will be able to find 6 and 24 packs of the water. The next time that you are thirsty, pick up a bottle of Smartwater – I can guarantee that you will see a substantial difference over your normal kind of bottled water.

Rating: 7.8/10

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