Squidbillies – Volume Four (DVD)

Squidbillies is by far the best cartoon depiction of redneck, inbred squids living in the Georgia’s Appalachian Mountains since… well ever.

The Adult Swim show packaged in tidy 10 minute episodes was conceived by the same brains behind Adult Swim staple Aqua Team Hunger Force, so if that show has you scratching your head, it’s probably best to skip Squidbillies. Your loss though, unless you can find another adult-targeted cartoon that tackles cults, Al Qaeda, Wide Spread Panic as narcs and features an original song by Todd Snider crooning about Florida’s 2000 election debacle. I’ll wait.

As promised throughout the DVD, Volume 4 includes “America, Why I Love Her,” the half-hour music fest including songs by Lucinda Williams, Drive-By Truckers, Snider, Gillian Welch, David Rawlings, Rhett Miller, Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Hayes Carll. Who needs Bonnaroo? The DVD is also brimming with plenty of extras, including a great panel from Atlanta’s Dragon Con complete with a Squidbillies tattoo exhibition and a hog calling contest.

Squidbillies – Volume Four/1 DVD/124 mins./2011/Cartoon Network

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