Theory of Tides – Swept Away EP (CD)

“Lucky You” is an interesting pop track that ties together a current and contemporary sound with the synth-pop of the eighties along with the female singers of the mid-sixties. By bringing back these disparate styles and bundling them up with a bold new approach, what results in the Theory of Tides EP is nothing less than revolutionary. “Stay Away” is my favorite track on this album, as it provides an interesting frame for the female vocals. Where “Lucky You” operated on a specific blend of influences, “Stay Away” links together goth, Stevie Nicks-types of pop and even classical music to make a track that will never be forgotten.

While the constellation of influences adopted by Theory of Tides during this effort continue to change with subsequent tracks, the uniting force to these tracks has to be a dark, smoky allure to the act that never disappears. This appeal even manifests itself during “Colder Than Winter”, a slower track that operates on more of a classical meets blues axis. This track is particularly notable due to the way in which synthesizers are used here.

The atmosphere and environment that are created with the instrumental arrangements do more for the telling of Theory of Tides story than any narration by the vocals; the two voices (musical and audible) that can thus be heard here push each part to their logical end. The three tracks on this release are impressive, but I want to hear how Theory of Tides have evolved in the full album format. Here’s to hoping that the act can come out with a full length album before the end of the year, but if not, each of the tracks on the “Swept Away” EP have more than enough legs to keep listeners interested.

Top Tracks: Stay Away, Colder Than Winter

Rating: 8.1/10

Theory of Tides – Swept Away EP (CD) / 2011 Self / 3 Tracks / /

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