Wild Cherry (Blu-Ray)

It takes a film like Wild Cherry to show me exactly the amount of different titles being released at any one given time. This 2009 film is finally seeing the light of day due to the tremendous work of Image Entertainment. This teen sex comedy focuses on the decision of Helen (Tania Raymonde) to provide eir boyfriend with one of the greatest gifts that ey can give – eir virginity. However, Wild Cherry kicks into high gear when Helen realizes that eir name is present in a “virgin” book. Incensed at the fact that this book even exists, Helen and eir friends Katelyn (Rumer Willis) and Trish (Kristin Cavallari) go to no small lengths to ensure that the male athletic population of their school gets some retribution. For these three high school students, their virginity becomes their empowerment. While the film comes forth as some sort of blend of Heathers and Mean Girls, there is also some classical drama present in the movie’s storyline. This means that Wild Cherry has something in common with Aristophanes’ Lysistrata. In both, the females use their sex as a way to get what they want; Wild Cherry just maintains a current timeline rather than being a period piece.

The smaller role that Rob Schneider plays in Wild Cherry is perfect; a little Schneider goes a long way, but a little bit seems just right. Much more impressive here would have to be the roles turned in by Rumer Willis and Tania Raymonde. While still on their way to the top, Wild Cherry represents a perfect introduction to each of their careers. The transfers, both video and audio, are solid – the brilliant colors are particularly eye-popping in the Blu-Ray release of this title. Check out Wild Cherry at your local video store.

Rating: 7.2/10

Wild Cherry (Blu-Ray) / 2011 Image Entertainment / 85 Minutes / http://www.image-entertainment.com

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