BioPharma Scientific – Nano EPA DHA (Fish Oil)

It took me some getting used to the fact that BioPharma’s Nano EPA was not in pills. However, my fears were quashed the first time that I took the Nano EPA DHA; the flavor is a dead-on recreation of Lemon Meringue pie. By using one teaspoon of the Nano EPA DHA, individuals will be providing their body with a tremendous amount of nutrients. The way in which BioPharma processes their omega-3 and omega-6 is ingenious – this emulsion (suspension of materials) allows for a greater absorption of these nutrients without having to use a large dose.

Aside from providing omega-3 and omega-6, Vitamins D and E are also present in this product. The bundle of nutrients will ensure better cardiovascular health, immune system, and even strengthens an individuals’ cell membranes.

I do not believe that I will ever go back to gelcaps of Fish Oil after familiarizing myself with BioPharma Scientific’s Nano EPA DHA. For those individuals that may still be worried that there will be any sort of fishy smell, flavor, or burps – don’t. At a price that is around $25-30, there is no reason that you should not give the Nano EPA DHA a try.

Rating: 9.2/10

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