Bruce Lipton’s Music for a Shift in Consciousness (CD)

Music can do a great many things. While many individuals just listen to music to lift (or support) their moods, Bruce Lipton wants to do much more with eir compositions. Specifically, ey wants to modify how an individual thinks and who an individual actually is – the shift in consciousness that is described in the disc’s title is brought through 9 distinct compositions. The album starts out with “Wisdom Calls When The Wall Falls”, a six-minute track that acts to make a listener more open to the compositions that are to follow. “Walking Among the Snakes” talks to the trials and tribulations in which individuals find themselves on a day to day basis.

The track is important as it identifies causes for concern and provides listeners with the tools that are needed to deal with them. “Face Yourself”, the cut that immediately follows this, bolsters listeners’ spirits considerably to better deal with these problems. I believe that the disc reaches another height when “Lazarus & Me” begins.
This track represents one of the longest ones on “Music for a Shift in Consciousness”, but this is due to the power that it possesses to recreate the listener. Bruce Lipton will reform an individual, all for the low price of one CD (many online retailers are selling this title for about $15). It surprised me that bits and pieces of music could do so much, but these tracks will have listeners considering their lives and making the changes that they need to make all facets of their life better.

If you believe that there is room in your life for change, make it a point to pick up Bruce Lipton’s music.

Top Tracks: Wisdom Calls When The Wall Falls, Speechless When I Pray

Rating: 8.3/10

Bruce Lipton’s Music for a Shift in Consciousness (CD) / 2011 Sounds True / 9 Tracks /

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