Captain Morgan Private Stock (80 Proof)

I understand that there are rums on the market that will set one back a pretty penny, but I find that most of the selection that is present at a local liquor store is limited to the under-$50 bracket. It becomes much more of a chore to figure out which of these rums are worth trying, and when it makes more sense to just go cheap. We were able to test out whether the Captain Morgan Private Stock was one of the former or latter. Priced at around $25-35 for a 750ml bottle, the Private Stock is a brilliant brown that will open up to provide one with a very sugar-based and sweet nose. While there are hints of spice and fruit present here, I believe that these elements come out much more noticeably after one’s first sip.

The presence of spices and flavors such as pepper, coriander, and vanilla make this a much more complex type of rum than a great many on the market. Where most times a cheap rum will just seem like a bit of sugar when one takes a shot, the complexity of the Private Stock ensures that one will breathe in the vapors, take in small amounts, and really attempt to get to the bottom of the flavor profile.

With smaller notes of butterscotch and even orange present in the Private Stock, the potential for the spirit to be present in mixed drinks is high. I have typically avoided purchasing rum in the past because of its monotonic taste and flavor, but I feel that Captain Morgan creates a tremendously compelling spirit in their Private Stock. If you would like a more interesting (but still inebriating) experience with your rum, check this out today.

Rating: 8.4/10

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