Chain’D Reaction (Volume)

We have reviewed practically every different type of workout supplement under the sun, but have not had the chance to really go and test out some of the more serious ones. Chain’D Reaction is one of these supplements, something that may not be needed by the average Curves or home gym individual. However, it should be seen as a vital purchase for anyone that is attempting to grow muscle mass. This product provides the fuel that an individual needs to make significant gains; the amount of glycogen that is brought to the muscles with Chain’D Reaction is stellar.

After you have went through a proper cutting stage and are happy with your weight, look into Chain’D Reaction. It allows an individual to add on muscle mass without gaining a gut or materials to a body that would wreck any gains that have been made. This is due to Chain’D Reaction’s formulation – it ensures that fat stores are not built up, by providing muscles with diet of hydrolyzed rice syrup solids, MCT oil (taken from coconut oil), and a collection of different enzymes to kick a metabolism into high gear. The MCT oil ensures correct working of the thyroid, while the digestive enzyme matrix breaks down the additional material brought to the body by the Chain’d Reaction.

ALR Industries has released their Chain’D Reaction in a few different versions – Watermelon and Unflavored, namely – and gives interested individuals 30 servings for $73. While individuals can cut all the weight in the world with a whole host of different products, building bulk is something that is considerably harder. With a great many diets and plans adding on unnecessary fat, Chain’D Reaction allows for building without any of the drawbacks.

Rating: 9.5/10

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