Corona (4.6% ABV)

For whatever reason, it seems as if the college scene is single-mindedly obsessed with the beer efforts of the biggest breweries. Whenever we have any sort of get-together at NeuFutur, individuals bring their own Bud or similar product rather than take advantage of our beer selection. Where many of the different brews that we receive are from small-time breweries, we requested Corona for review. The surprising thing about this beer is that, despite being available pretty much everywhere, I had not had it in about seven years of legal drinking.

The beer has a great blend of sweetness and bite to it, without the funkiness or cardboard-esque flavor present in a Bud or Busch. While milder than many of the efforts from independent brewers, Corona’s taste is still there and presents imbibers with the perfect beer for a hot summer day.

Corona goes perfectly with dinner; as a palette-cleanser, a sip of the stuff will allow an individual to refresh themselves and be able to taste all the nuances of fish, chicken, beef, or countless other side dishes. The price point of the beer (six-packs being around $6-9) places it at the perfect level to be enjoyed by a wide swath of the population. The beer is different enough from the rest of the efforts on the market, and is done right – there is nothing quite like picking one up. In fact, where my wife likes Mexican Coke, I feel that I will always be right at home with Corona.

Rating: 8.4/10

Corona (4.6% ABV) / Beer /

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Author: James McQuiston

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