Dora’s Big Party Pack (DVD Set)

Dora’s Big Party Pack is the latest release by Nickelodeon, and it is a boxed set that contains three different DVDs – Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure, Super Silly Fiesta, and It’s A Party!. This bundled set gives viewers nearly five hours of material, while ensuring that each of the individual releases continue to contain the material that they did when they were originally released. Each DVD has a video quality that is perfectly serviceable for the DVD format, while audio is crisp and clear. The biggest victory for fans of Dora the Explorer would have to be the utility of this boxed set – when one is done with one of the DVDs, they can just stick it back into the provided box until they are ready.

The price of the Dora’s Big Party Pack is low (MSRP of about $25 while different online retailers carry the set at $18) and represents the perfect buy for any youth that is having a birthday or as a cheap way to keep a sleepover fun without filling up the group on commercials or on shows that they do not like. I would only suggest sleeping on this release if you already have two or more of the DVDs that constitute the set. Pick up Dora’s Big Party Pack today and catch up on Dora’s adventures until that time when Nick releases new episodes; bits and pieces of the sixth season should continue to be aired through the summer and early fall.

Rating: 8.0/10

Dora’s Big Party Pack (DVD Set) / 2011 Nickelodeon / 293 Minutes /

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