Hiromi – Voice (CD)

Hiromi has been creating innovative and unique keyboard compositions for nearly a decade now, and each different release has showcased a different side of eir. “Voice”, eir latest effort, may just be the most memorable of eir discography. The compositions present on “Voice” are filled out through the inclusion of veteran players such as Simon Phillips (drummer; Judas Priest and Jack Bruce) and Anthony Jackson (bass; The O’Jays, Chick Corea). The eclecticism brought to the table by these three ensure that no two tracks sound the same. However, Hiromi’s masterful skill is shown in how ey ties the disc’s 9 tracks together into a cohesive and cogent release.

“Voice” begins with “Flashback”, a nine-minute track that touches upon countless genres and stylistic twists and turns. The disc’s longest track, it feels much shorter than its’ actual runtime owing to the narrative quality imbued it by the masterful instrumental compositions.

There are a number of times when tracks on Hiromi’s Voice take on a classical feel, but this is a jazz album for the new millennium. Breaking down conceptions of what one should expect from a jazz musician, I content that this Telarc release should be seen as a blueprint for anyone that looks to make a compelling work from here on out. Where the compositions can broadly be called jazz, the strength of the music here coupled with the sheer amount of different genre and influences that come through means that should be some common ground for anyone that may happen to pick the disc up. If you like what has been presented on “Voice”, give Hiromi’s other albums a spin. I am preferential to 2007’s Time Control, but a case could be made for 2003’s Another Mind.

Top Tracks: Flashback, Labyrinth

Rating: 8.3/10

Hiromi – Voice (CD) / 2011 Telarc / 9 Tracks / http://www.telarc.com

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