Homunculus Beer Review

The beer comes out with a very yellow-orange color and an opaqueness that immediately establishes the effort as pretty unique. The whitish-yellow head that pours out added to the slightly astringent nose provide imbibers with a few hints about the beer, but it does take a few solid swigs to get a better appreciation for the beer. There is some sweetness to be had, but it is moderated substantially by the presence of a slightly more bitter, hop-laden flavor profile.

The enjoyable range of temperatures for Homunculus is fairly substantial, as different characteristics of the release come out at different levels. Where a great many efforts of the “Golden” variety seem to have little in the way of a backbone, the hoppy bite of the Homunculus makes this beer into the perfect palette cleanser. This sharpness will be loved by some and may be a little too assertive for others – I believe that having a few bottles of the Homunculus and allowing it to rest in the bottle will provide a fully different experience in 2012, 2013, or whenever one can get to before cracking open the bottle.

Regardless of when this happen, what individuals should expect when it comes to this beer is a complex experience that blows the top off of what one should expect from the “Golden Ale” designation. Make sure to buy Homunculus before August, as the Farmhouse Ale will look to replace it as the current offering in the “Big Beer Series” lineup.

Homunculus / Smuttynose Brewing Company / http://www.smuttynose.com
Rating: 8.3/10

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