Jungle Rot – Kill on Command (CD)

Jungle Rot is one of those bands that has been bubbling under the radar for the better part of two decades, and their hard work has been paid off with their 2011 signing to Victory Records. Far from appeasing their new label, “Kill on Command” builds off of a great many of the sounds and styles that were first brought fans during 1997’s Slaughter the Weak and 2004’s Fueled By Hate.

What results in “Kill on Command” is an album that, while furious, showcases considerable maturity in a veteran band. The album starts off with “Their Finest Hour”, a self-referential mention to the band’s slow rise to the top. The intense guitar work and tremendous drumming unite here to make an authoritative statement for the band; they are back and they will not relinquish their spot at any cost. Rather than lose any of the momentum that they have garnered with this introductory salvo, “Bloodties” further ratchets things up to a fever pace.

Putting a little bit of the hardcore grind to fans with “Rise Up and Revolt”, Jungle Rot keeps things flying through. In fact, the energy created during the whole of “Kill on Command” will have listeners wondering where the time went. This is not only during the first half of the album, either – the band still blasts through beats and arrangements like wet tissue paper even on the disc’s late registers (“Born of Contagion” and “Life Negated” both come to mind). I was not too familiar with Jungle Rot before this album, but I know I will be picking up their discography after – their Victory debut succeeds on all sides.

Top Tracks: Their Finest Hour, Push Comes To Shove

Rating: 7.0/10

Jungle Rot – Kill on Command (CD) / 2011 Victory Records / 10 Tracks / http://www.myspace.com/junglerot / http://www.victoryrecords.com

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