Lipolyze (Weight Loss)

There are a large amount of supplements on the market, and the amount only decreases slightly when it comes to pills that are intended to increase the amount of weight that individuals lose. Where many of these products rely on caffeine for weight loss, Lipolyze’s blend of different materials is a much more holistic and ensures that the weight that is lost is kept off.

This is due to what Species calls “caloric wasting”, where the calories that would normally be absorbed by the body are rejected. The compounds that are present in Lipolyze are considerably different than the ones that are typically present in thermogenics or mere caffeine pills. Key of these compounds would have to be Oleoylethanolamide, which reduces the amount of hunger felt (appetite) and keeps individuals from gorging. The list is rounded out with T2 (3,5 di-iodo-thyronine), Propionyl-L-carnitine, Guggulsterone and Green Tea Extract.

The latter four additions to Lipolyze give individuals the ability to keep muscle mass, increase thyroid function, increases the amount of energy spent, and ensures that those that take Lipolyze are able to have adequate energy for the longest possible time. I believe that Lipolyze should be adopted by anyone that wishes to increase the intensity of their workout, and the supplement itself can be adopted no matter how many pills are in an individual’s regimen already. Lipolyze is in a unique place; as no other supplement contains the same blend or claims that it does exactly the same thing as Lipolyze, it becomes a required buy. At $45 a 90-count bottle, there is absolutely no reason that one should not add this to their daily system.

Rating: 9.0/10

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