Mike’s Hard Lemonade Lite

It is the middle of summer, and the temperatures continue to rise. I know that personally, I do not like heavy beers or alcohol as the mercury climbs. Mike’s Hard Lemonade understands this premise, and has released to the market a Lite effort. While ostensibly to corner the market for those that like the more fruit-based malt beverages but are still watching their figures, I contend that the Mike’s Lite is a great pick up for those individuals that wish to have a lighter flavor profile to what they are drinking.

The original version of Mike’s Lite (along with their Lite Hard Cranberry Lemonade) have considerably less calories than their full original (109 calories rather than 220, 14 grams of carbs versus 32 grams). A drawback (in my eyes) of Mike’s Hard Lemonade has always been the fullness that one gets after drinking a few bottles of the lemonade.

The re-formulation into Mike’s Lite has removed this restriction and allows individuals to have a great taste without sacrificing any of the quality that the company has been known for. Strong sales of the product will ensure that it maintains its place on store shelves, and I believe that there is enough of the original spirit while providing enough diet-based allure to keep individuals coming back for more. Find Mike’s Hard Lemonade Lite along with the Lite Hard Cranberry Lemonade at your local well-stocked beer store, convenience store, or other place where one can get their party on. If you liked Mike’s Hard before, there is no reason that you won’t find something to appreciate with this lite version.

Rating: 6.5/10

Mike’s Hard Lemonade Lite / http://www.mikeshard.com

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