New Nordic Mulberry Zuccarin

Zuccarin is a product that is made from Japanese Mulberry leaves, and New Nordic claims that the product will go and balance out an individual’s sugar. The logic behind this product is that the leaves hold a large amount of DNJ, which stops an individual’s absorption of sugar into glucose. By doing this, Zuccarin will ensure that one’s sugar does not get too high, no matter what sort of food they eat.

New Nordic is careful to say that the process is not perfect and that individuals should not go and rely on the product to eat whatever they want, but I noticed a significant increase in my post-eating alertness. Extended use of the Zuccarin will likely increase the possibility that an individual can lose weight, as decreased amounts of sugar will make it easier for an individual’s metabolism to begin to break down fat. The potential for Zuccarin as a blood sugar stabilizer is very impressive, and will undoubtedly be prescribed just as soon as doctors see the significant effects that the pills have on individuals with diabetes or other similar maladies.

With 60 tablets ranging from $20-30, there is no reason that someone that is concerned about their sugar levels should not give Zuccarin an attempt. One can find New Nordic products at any well-stocked fitness or diet store. If you are attempting to use Zuccarin in tandem with a diet, make sure that a sample dose goes well with the rest of your supplements. If there are no odd interactions, continue with Zuccarin and notice increased amounts of energy and decreased weight. In a period where individuals have noticed significant negative effects from prescription weight loss and sugar-regulation pills, there is no reason why Zuccarin should not be considered as some sort of replacement.

Rating: 7.5/10

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