Perpetual Peace (DVD)

Peace is an interesting concept. Despite being a nation that prides itself on peace, the United States has gotten in to a tremendous amount of war. The idea of peace is something that is poorly defined; this is why the Perpetual Peace Project has gotten together to create this DVD. By trying to tease out what peace means, both in terms to individuals as well as in a philosophical sense, the amount of conflict that would otherwise be present would likely decrease. The video uses interviews with a number of philosophers and policymakers, which read like a who’s who in their respective field. This means that time is given to expanding upon the beliefs of Kant by individuals like Rosi Braidotti, Kwame Anthony Appiah, and Peter Szendy.

The DVD would be a perfect purchase for anyone that finds themselves wrestling with the philosophical implications of perpetual peace or for any political theory teacher who may want to break the monotony of the philosophy that influenced the founding fathers. At about an hour long, there is proper time given to the expansion of each facet of Kant’s philosophical legacy as it pertains to peace. While the related group has focused on the perpetual peace theory, I feel that other DVDs in this vein would do well in giving viewers a greater sense of the gravity of the different rights and theoretical leanings underpinning the Constitution.

Microcinema has done a tremendous job in making this resource available for a wider group than would normally watch it, while providing it for a cost that makes it readily able to be purchased by an individual. If you are concerned about peace or philosophy generally, there is no reason you should not search out a copy of Perpetual Peace.

Rating: 7.4/10

Perpetual Peace (DVD) / 2011 Microcinema / 54 Minutes /

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