PreSurge Unleashed! (Pre-workout)

A pre-workout supplement is vital to ensure that you can have a workout at the intensity that is needed, while having the energy to stick with it until your mind and body is completely exhausted. The quality between the different types of pre-workout supplements is considerable, and I believe that PreSurge Unleashed is one of the best pre-workout supplements that we have had the chance to use at this point.

This is due to the fact that PreSurge Unleashed! uses as a basis Creapure (creatine monohydrate), a creatine formulation that blends the best safety parts of the compound with the highest possible muscle gain achievable. To ensure that there is increased amounts of absorption of creatine, the PreSurge Unleashed uses a specific Tarragon extract, while the amount of GlycoCarn and icariin will ensure that one’s muscles and veins will pop early and consistently in the workout. What I believe is the best side to PreSurge Unleashed! has to be the lack of crash that is normally manifested in all pre-workout supplements. This is made possible through the inclusion of L-theanine and Neuravena, which allow the energy provided by PreSurge to gradually decrease after the workout ceases.

For those that use a pre-workout, Presurge also stands heads and shoulders above the rest in that the gains that will be achieved by proper supplementation with the product will be significant and lasting. If you are looking to take your workout to an entirely different level, give PreSurge Unleashed! a spin and see exactly where the product can take you. With a solid taste, one will actually look forward to using PreSurge before every workout (instead of having to gag through another type of pre-workout supplement).

Rating: 9.5/10

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