Royal Bliss – After the Chaos II (CD)

The hard opening to “Brave” allows listeners to lock into Royal Bliss; the style is not metal but rather is in a style of the LostProphets or a slightly harder Treble Charger. The vocals that are presented during “Brave” and “Here They Come” are those that are present in pretty much any playlist of a major radio station; there is little doubt that one of the songs on “After the Chaos II” will make it onto top lists for the year.

When the band slows it down for “Devils and Angels”, there is little doubt in anyone’s eyes that the band could not be slugging it out with the heavyweights in the scene, with bands like Finger Eleven and Papa Roach. Each of the tracks on “After the Chaos II” is produced with the big time in mind; there is nothing on the disc that even gets near a level that could be called a failure. To run two slower tracks together is something that is typically not done on these albums, and while “Will You Wait For Me” is a track that is slightly faster than “Devils and Angels”, it is still drastically slower than the rest of the tracks on the disc.

This has the effect of slowing things down and cutting the momentum of the band, and this effect is only exacerbated when individuals get an earful of “I’ll Be Around”. The band is almost back to the speed of their first few tracks by this track, but there seems to be a little drowsiness that is still present in the band’s output. The band has another hit on their hands during “I’ll Be Around”, and it is the catchy chorus tied along to the shrill guitar work on the track that pushes the song to the next level. “Stand Corrected” is the track that Royal Bliss has on their “After the Chaos II” that is a hit any way an individual look at it; its quick speed and distinct vocals will hit individuals over the head until they completely and utterly submit. The band plays a brand of rock that has been done to death but does it well enough that listeners will still focus in, even if the band does not cut much in the way of new ground with the album. Just give Royal Bliss another few months and they will be the talk of the town; that’s how catchy “After the Chaos II” is.

Top Tracks: All In My Head, Stand Corrected

Rating: 6.9/10

Royal Bliss – After the Chaos II / 2006 The Control Group / 12 Tracks / / / Reviewed 16 May 2006


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