The 39 Steps (DVD)

The 39 Steps is a fantastic bit of cinema from deep in the VCI vault; this 1959 film features Kenneth More and Taina Elg and is a recreation of the 1935 Hitchcock thriller, which itself was based on a spy novel by John Buchan. The film starts out with Richard Hannay (More) attempting to save a woman nearly killed by a driver. After realizing that things are not exactly as they seem (the baby stroller that ey was carrying was empty), More is gradually brought into the loop regarding the titular organization. This organization is shadowy and little is known about the individual that they follow outside of that ey has lost the tip of a finger. The Thirty-Nine Steps hold a major bargaining chip for any group – the plans to Boomerang, a missile plan that would catapult the United Kingdom to the top of the European power game.

It becomes Hannay’s duty to search out The Thirty-Nine Steps’ leader and ensure that the police know about these dangerous plans. With enemies and friends coming out of the woodwork to impact Hannay, the tension present in this title is incredible. What was high cinema in 1959 would do equally well today; fans of any sort of action movie should search out this version of The 39 Steps
The video quality of VCI’s release is incredibly sharp considering the age of the print, with an audio track that is incredibly clear and crisp. The price of The 39 Steps ($17.99 at a number of online retailers) should not be seen as a stumbling point for the enjoyment of this title.

If you like older British cinema, whether it be theatrical releases or television shows, give VCI Entertainment a shot.

Rating: 7.0/10

The 39 Steps (DVD) / 2010 VCI Entertainment / 95 Minutes /

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