Valkyrie Complete System (Tempest, Torrential Force, and Triumph)

Women can do just as hard of workouts and throw up just as much weight as men in the gym, but it seems that there are not too many products currently on the market that specifically target women that do serious weight training. Next Level Formulations is one of the only companies that I know that has tapped this market, and has done so with their Complete System. This stack contains a pre-workout energy mix, creatine to ensure muscle building, and a proper recovery product to decrease the amount of down time that an individual has before they work out again.

The quality of each of these products creates a stack that any woman that is looking to build and keep on muscle should seriously look at. Keeping male hormones out of the mix, the Valkyrie Complete System (and Triumph in particular) is much more than a company slapping their name on a generic product. Triumph, for example, contains Laticlear and NuWoman; Laticlear flushes a woman’s system of the lactic acid that has built up over the course of the workout, while NuWoman balances hormones after a workout.

Torrential Force also deserves some ink; the creatine present in this product is further bolstered in efficiency through the inclusion of Taurine, Pyroglutamic Acid, and Arginine AKG. At $40 for this stack, there is no reason that one should not see how it works; this may just be the way that you can break down plateaus and achieve gains that would not normally be present if a woman supplemented with male-focused products. Check out the Valkyrie Complete System the next time that you are looking to re-up on your supplements.

Rating: 8.6/10

Valkyrie Complete System (Tempest, Torrential Force, and Triumph) / Energy, Creatine, and Recovery /

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