Back Pocket Memory – Beneath The Trees (CD)

“Illustrated Girl” is the first track on the five-track “Beneath The Trees” EP, and it immediately kicks things into high gear. Back Pocket Memory is one of those rare bands that bring their own unique sound to the fore, rather than introducing themselves through the inclusion of their favorite bands and other influences. What results with the band’s sound at this early stage of the disc is something that has a nice blend of hard rock, emotive rock, and even hints of punk that play at the track’s periphery.

The production of this initial track is perfect, which further decreases the chance that listeners will leave during the follow-up tracks. The fact that “All We Have” is the second track on “Beneath The Trees” is an integral addition to the disc, as it is some of the most earnest and intense rock currently out there. Each part of Back Pocket Memory unites to create this composition, whether it be the larger than life drums, the impassioned vocals, or the guitars that tear up the foreground. With all sides covered, the wall of sound that issues forth during “All We Have” is simply without comparison.

“The Greatest Divide” dials things back and allows the instrumental side of things to shine; the guitar and drum dynamic that hits listeners off of the bat leads in nicely to the narration that comes soon after. The pacing of “The Greatest Divide” is smart; when the band actually gets to the chorus, anyone listening in will be whipped into a frenzy. Ending this EP with “Shining Light”, Back Pocket Memory provide a perfectly polished piece of plastic – “Beneath The Trees” has a panoply of different feelings, sounds, and approaches taken. With such a cultured and diverse array of sounds brought to this album, Back Pocket Memory just seems like the sort of act that will get noticed as the years pass. Make sure to pick up Beneath the Trees and see exactly what is up – I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Top Tracks: Illustrated Girl, The Greatest Divide

Rating: 8.5/10

Back Pocket Memory – Beneath The Trees (CD) / 2011 Self / 5 Tracks /

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