Billy The Exterminator – Season 3 (DVD)

There’s something about the state of Louisiana the draws reality shows like… well like New Jersey draws reality shows.

While the Garden State has Jersey Shore, Cake Boss, Real Housewives of New Jersey and Jersilicious, Louisiana has Swamp People, Bad Girls Club, Steven Seagal Lawman, Trashmen, Real World New Orleans (yup, that one counts) and now Billy the Exterminator.

Billy the Exterminator (the third season just out on DVD) profiles Billy Bretherton and his family who help run a pest and animal control business in Shreveport, LA (capturing everything from bees to alligators and just about everything in between). Billy, always clad in black leather and long, spiky hair comes off like an aging hair metal God rockin’ a can of bug spray.

Billy, along with his brother Ricky (equally educated at the Vince Neil School of Haberdashery) is very likable, but their mother, charged with answer phones for the business is quite possibly one of the shrillest moms on reality TV (a genre that was build around shrill moms). The animal rescues (and exterminations in the case of rats, bugs and bees) are interesting, but more so is seeing how the homeowners react to Billy and his eclectic sense of style.

In a state where camera crews are likely running into each other getting footage for their respective shows, Billy the Exterminator comes out at top in terms of pure entertainment.

Billy The Exterminator – Season 3/397 Mins./3 DVDs/A&E Entertainment/2011

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