Goldwasser (Herbal Liqueur)

Previously, there only existed a small segment of the United States population that had any idea what Goldwasser was. However, with Niche Import Company bringing this spirit to our shores, the amount of imbibers that can profess familiarity with Goldwasser is drastically increasing. While the spirit will immediately remind individuals of Goldschlager with gold specks floating in a clear base, the taste of Goldwasser is drastically different than that of Goldschlager.

Goldwasser possesses a flavor profile that is similar to that of Jagermeister, albeit with a slightly different constellation of tastes. I believe that the herbal side of Goldwasser does a great justice in hiding the heavy alcohol content of the spirit – at 35% alcohol by volume, imbibers will likely have to tape out at the four or five shot mark. I believe that the spirit works best when one shoots it straight, but that there can be a claim for sipping it on the rocks or in a bomb type of format.

Regardless, anyone that wishes to have a taste of 16th century Poland should go to their local liquor store and purchase a bottle of Goldwasser. Niche Importing Company does bring in other types of spirits as well, so if Goldwasser does not hold much allure, they do provide purchasers with a wide array of absinthes, brandies, cognacs, and other flavored spirits.

Rating: 8.0/10

Goldwasser (Herbal Liqueur) / 70 Proof /

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