Roadkill (DVD)

The quality of a number of television movies has gradually been increasing over the course of the last ten years. I remember the Lifetime movies of the late nineties as being particularly horrible, but films like Roadkill show that the companies that are making made for TV flicks (Rhi Entertainment with this movie) are putting an intense amount of work into the enterprise. Roadkill sets up as a road trip film abroad (in this case, Ireland).

The film takes a darker turn as they meet modern gypsies, which put a seemingly fake curse onto the road-trippers. As things continue to go south, a massive bird attempts to pluck off the different members of the party. We won’t reveal what happens to the party, but suffice it to say that the conclusion of Roadkill isn’t what anyone would expect.

The tension that is created during Roadkill is palatable; despite the fact that the main object of horror is computer-generated, there are more than a few chills to be had when watching the bird of prey. The makeup used for the aftermath of the bird of prey attacks is incredible given budgetary constraints – just marvel at the plucked eye that occurs a good way through the film. Roadkill uses a solid cast and crew to tell a story that will have viewers gripping the edges of their seats. The constituent elements of the film may have been done before, but I believe that uniting them creates a unique experience that no fan of horror or suspense should not miss.

Rating: 8.0/10

Roadkill (DVD) / 2011 Vivendi / 88 Minutes / /

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