Showtime (Water Pill)

There are a number of uses that one can have for a diuretic / water pill. An individual could use a product like Showtime to decrease their amount of bloating, for example. Diuretics are also heavily used when it comes to competitive bodybuilding to provide users with the best possible chance of winning competitions. I would contend that there are significantly different strengths needed by different subsets of individuals, and Showtime is one of the few water pills that are on the market that will work admirably no matter what one needs it for.

This is due to Showtime’s composition, which is a blend of Vitamin B6, Potassium, Taxicum Officinale Extrack and Uva Ursi leaf. What results is an effect that allows water to rapidly leave one’s body without any sort of adverse effects. Where there are traditionally a number of different warnings that one will encounter with different diuretics, the blend of minerals and natural elements in the Showtime will provide any users of the product with an easy and harmless way to shed any extra water.

I believe the fact that Showtime does not contain any caffeine has a lot to do with its harmless quality; a great many individuals already get caffeine thrust their way by any number of different thermogenics or pre-workout supplements, and merely adding to that amount would act in a way accordant with diminishing returns. So, if you need a water pill for any conceivable reason, make sure to hit up Scivation’s web site and purchase a bottle of Showtime. I believe that its price compliments its efficacy admirably.

Rating: 9.0/10

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