Storage Wars – Season One (DVD)

The folks at A&E have this tremendous knack of taking the truly odd and seemingly mundane tasks and turning them into DVR-worthy TV. Storage Wars is the latest and quite possible best example as it is now the networks most popular show.

The first season focuses on four individuals who make their living by bidding on storage units that have gone up to auction after the owners fell behind on payments. The bidders can’t touch anything in the units prior to bidding, so you can end up with thousands of dollars worth of rare antiques or boxes and boxes of useless junk.

The reoccurring bidders are Barry Weiss, a likable, seemingly wealthy old –timer doing this as a hobby; Darrell Sheets, sunburned white trash with a chip on his shoulder; Dave Hester, cocky jackass with plenty of money; and Jarrod Schulz, a wannabe gangster looking to stock his thrift store. Crazy as it sounds, it all works.

Storage Wars – Season One/3 DVDs/6 hrs., 58 min./A&E TV/2011

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