Thierry David – The Veil of Whispers (CD)

“Scene Through The Mist” is the perfect opening to The Veil of Whispers; the gravity of the female vocals that are present here will immediately cause listeners to take notice. Listeners will continue to focus in with the beginning of “L’Invitation au Mystere”. The track takes an interesting tack in that it blends together electronic and organic; there is an interplay, a context that is continued through the bulk of the track that eschews any vocals or lyrical content. While the track may be close to the six-minute mark, Thierry David continually varies, modifies, and otherwise changes up the overall composition to continually ensnare his listeners.

It is this continual wanderlust that keeps the momentum achieved on The Veil of Whispers high; the shift from goth to flamenco to Parisian circus music during the aforementioned “L’Invitation au Mystere” works because of David’s talent. “Pastel Footprints” begins the second third of the album, and keeps things light and airy. The sheer funkiness of the compositions during “Pastel Footprints” will have listeners up and dancing, even if the constituent parts of the track are fairly esoteric. A little bit of classical singing, African vibes, and darkly emotive arrangements unite to make for one of the album’s best tracks. The titular track to The Veil of Whispers ends this second third and acts as a portal between the middle and end of the album.

The piano line that pierces through the atmospheric backdrop draws listeners’ attention and gives later tracks like “Liquid Melody” and the penultimate “Mystery Awakens” a wider audience. The album ends with “A Familiar Groove”, a track that follows in the footsteps of “The Veil of Whispers” in its transitory trappings. Rather than tying together two parts of the same album, I feel that the blending of styles and sounds heard earlier in the album with completely new nuances gives listeners closure for The Veil of Whispers and piques their interest for whatever music is yet to come from David’s mind. Check it out.

Top Tracks: Scene Through The Mist, The Veil of Whispers

Rating: 8.5/10

Thierry David – The Veil of Whispers (CD) / 2011 Real Music /

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