Van Von Hunter (DVD)

Van Von Hunter is tremendously funny, having an insightful look at the differences that are present between United States and Japanese culture. Where movies like Spinal Tap covered hair metal superstars, Van Von Hunter is a mockumentary that showcases the rise and fall of the slayer of evil, Van Von Hunter (Yuri Lowenthal). Deposed formally by eir previous bosses, Van Von Hunter moves from the U.S.A. to the east. Previously ignored and otherwise shunned by members of eir previous life, Van Von Hunter’s star begins to shine in Japan.

As eir story shares a number of common plot elements from anime and manga shows, it is only a short time before every step that Van Von Hunter takes is obsessed upon by a large segment of society. Van Von Hunter (the movie) blends action, comedy, and a comparative aspect to filmmaking over the course of an hour and a half, with a narrative that is cohesive and always interesting. The video quality of Van Von Hunter’s DVD transfer is absolutely solid, with an audio track to match. The sheer amount of special features here will also significantly increase the replay value of this DVD; the alternate ending will substantially change how one perceives the previous bits of the movie, while interviews with the fan base are tremendously interesting.

However, I feel that the audio commentary will fill in any open spots that individuals may have – directors Stu Levy and Steven Calcote unite with Van Von Hunter eirself, Yuri Lowenthal. Overall, a solid package for a great feature film.

Rating: 8.7/10

Van Von Hunter (DVD) / 2011 Funimation / 96 Minutes /

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